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Over time, the New Directions collection moved beyond essential oils and raw materials to include skin care manufacturing and products; as always, developed with a governing ethos of environmental awareness. And soon, as the consumer demand changed and expanded with the cultural embracing of natural/organic products and a wellbeing lifestyle, New Directions evolved, too. The company now offered an innovative range of home spa and wellbeing products, accessories, and even literature. It also began manufacturing stylish and practical bottles and caps, nurturing versatility and allowing a personal connection between the consumer or business and the essential product.

Amber Boston 500ml round glass bottle (28mm neck)

Note: Only fits 28mm Plastic Caps - Black, no other dispensing system. Caps/Heads are sold separately under packaging. Click here for Dispensing Systems. From time to time our packaging dimensions change depending on where we source our stock so please check with an actual bottle before committing to labels. Samples are available and single bottles can be purchased for this purpose. Height: 183.7mm Diameter: 75.4mm Max label size: 97.3 H x 236.7L* * Because there is a +/- tolerance for all glass packaging, the below is calculated on the mean diameter of the bottles and the actual circumference could differ by a couple of millimetres (Circumference = Pi (3.14) times Diameter). Drawing (dimensions are in millimetres)

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