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We represent one of the few Nordic brands which since 2016, present products that are produced in GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified textiles. We are endeavouring to have even more products available to help our world be a better place. GOTS requires that the textiles consist of at least 70 percent of ecologically certified natural fibres and, since it is said that it is almost impossible to carry out industrial production without the use of chemicals, the standard is based on colour additives and design.

Our cotton fabrics are produced in a sustainable value chain – directly from the cotton farmer’s fields to us, to develop a brand that you, as the consumer, can trust. Importantly, 3 Little Rhinos aims to produce as well as representing products from Scandinavian countries, such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, but also from countries farther afield such as Turkey or India. We take great pride in ensuring that compliance with various ISO (International Organisation for Standards) requirements is maintained in all our factory processes, no matter where our products are produced.

Bath wings Alfie

Fine bath wings that help in giving the child optimal safety and comfort in the water. The fresh color helps to stimulate the child’s interest in water and play. The bath wings can be inflated with a practical valve that can be pushed into the bath wings so that it does not interfere with play in the water. A popular product for children who needs to get used to water and who have not yet fully learned to swim themselves. Use the bath wings in the pool or by the beach. Recommended age 3-6 years. Approved according to EN13138-1. WARNING: This is not a life saving device – use only under adult supervision. Do not leave children unattended. Only to be used in water in which the user is within its safe depth. Possible explosion: Do not over inflate. Do not use high-pressure air to inflate the product. Manual inflation is recommended. Make sure all chambers are completely inflated. Not to be used by children over or under the recommended age.

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