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BU’S MISSION IS TO BRING SAFE PRODUCTS OF INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS TO BABIES AND CHILDREN ALL OVER THE WORLD. BU Baby pioneers choosing to apply strict international standards to ensure that children (especially infants) are cared for with the safest and softest products. BU knows that choosing this path will be very arduous and resource-intensive. However, BU believes that, in the not too distant future, international standards (or national standards with an equivalent degree of strictness) will be the common requirements for textile products circulating not only in Vietnam but also all over the world, and especially baby clothes and accessories will be the first priority with the strictest control.

BU Bambus

Bambus is the result of the process of improving bamboo fabric by using the most advanced bamboo fiber materials combined with Danish fabric production technology to create a more sustainable bamboo fabric surface than conventional bamboo fabrics while still retain the natural properties of bamboo fibers that affect the surface of baby’s skin. With a soft - smooth - silky fabric surface and outstanding features, BU Bambus is not only a mere clothing and accessory product, but also a health care product, a companion of safety along the first years of life.

The short sleeve cross snap bodysuit is an essential outfit for babies from 6 months old. Designed with a long running bufix tape, making it easy to put on / take off, convenient for parents of changing baby's clothes and making the baby feel comfortable. The product is designed to fit, stretch naturally, cherishing every movement of the baby, helping the baby always feel the most comfortable

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