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Canary Food

About the company

Canary food worked out a globally unique method of making perfectly shaped butter portions (what we now call butter medallions) using Grass-fed, Premium New Zealand butter which, in our opinion, is the best butter in the world. The Butter Medallions are ideally suited to premium airline catering, five-star hotels, cruises, resorts, trains, and otherwise places where customers expect something a cut above the rest. With this in mind, they planned to supply leading airlines and airline caterers throughout Asia and the Middle East. Today we are the number one supplier to this crucial export sector.

Culinary Range

At Canary we pride ourselves on being able to craft a variety of culinary mixtures to meet our customer's needs. These individually quick frozen portions can be used as fillings for chicken or to add to fish, meat and vegetables or served as an accompaniment with fresh bread - just to name a few!

We make a number of these products that include butter, cream cheese and even a tomato sauce mixture perfectly suited to enhancing foods.

Most of our Culinary range is made to our customer's unique needs and specifications so get in touch with us today to see how we can unlock the potential of your food!

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