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Fusion Glassworks

About the company

Established in 2004, Fusion Glassworks offers inexpensive, yet high quality china-based custom glass bottle manufacturing. At Fusion Glassworks, we use our experience and expertise to provide low-cost Chinese bottles and packaging products to those companies and individuals with no experience in China. At the same time, we uphold all standards of quality that are found at any well-established western organisation.

With the low overhead and operational costs of being based within China, combined with the low cost of Chinese manufacturing facilities, Fusion is able to offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry. Over the years, Fusion has developed an extensive network of suppliers and factories, giving Fusion the ability to provide not just bottles, but a diverse range of packaging products. You can save time and money by letting us handle all your packaging needs.

We employ a mix of western and local staff at Fusion in order to provide our customers with not only the most effective products and services, but also high quality communication and customer service.

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Custom Bottles

A custom bottle design is one of the best ways of making your brand stand out among the countless other products on the shelf. With a custom bottle, many characteristics of your brand can be conveyed at a glance- elegance, luxury, masculinity or femininity, complexity, regionality, tradition, quality and many others. It also allows you to add embossed text or patterns - another way of really distinguishing your bottle.

At Fusion Glassworks, we are especially suited to help you develop your own custom bottle to complement your branding and message. You will find our design fee is very competitive, or if you already have a completed design, our engineers will create CAD drawings free of charge; and while you may think customization is an unaffordable luxury, our bespoke molds are extremely affordable, with test molds starting around $1500 and full sets of production molds from $4000-$6000. Comparable American or European vendors could charge ten times as much for an equivalent set of molds!

Don't be fooled by our low prices, however. We have experience manufacturing a broad range of shapes and sizes, and have succeeded in manufacturing bottles that were so complicated and challenging that other vendors didn't even dare try.

Distinguish your brand. Customize your bottle. And do it for a fraction of the cost.

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