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Focused on the core eCommerce requirement for mailers, tape and labels, HeapsGood provides a range of compostable alternatives to plastic packaging. With a focus on the evolution of the packaging industry, HeapsGood takes an honest view of their packaging solutions needing to evolve and constantly improve.

Ecolabels compostable and sustainable

Meet the new trusty sidekick of our mailers: the Ecolabel. Like Batman and Robin fighting crime together, these two products are going to be inseparable in the fight against plastic. The premise is simple. Rather than forcing your customers to remove address label from their packaging, Ecolabels have a specifically-designed adhesive that can be safely composted without leaving harmful residues. This means your unboxing experience is a lot more user-friendly and better for the environment. An Australian first, Ecolabels are designed and manufactured in accordance with EN13432 industrial composting standards. Note this product will take longer to break down in a home compost than our Ecomailers, but we are currently working on the full home certification too. Ecolabels come in rolls of 250 and are suitable for all the major couriers including Australia Post, DHL, Startrack, TNT and more.

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