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Focused on the core eCommerce requirement for mailers, tape and labels, HeapsGood provides a range of compostable alternatives to plastic packaging. With a focus on the evolution of the packaging industry, HeapsGood takes an honest view of their packaging solutions needing to evolve and constantly improve.

Ecomailers sample pack

ook, it's no secret that once you try an ecomailer, you never go back. That's why we want you to test out our incredible compostable mailers for only $10 with free Australia-wide delivery. Sample packs showcase one each of our small, medium, large and XL compostable mailers. So if you're an ecommerce brand and are serious about reducing the plastic waste of online retail, we want to work with you. The fact that our entire mission is packaged in sexy matte-black biomaterial – well, that's just a bonus.

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