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Focused on the core eCommerce requirement for mailers, tape and labels, HeapsGood provides a range of compostable alternatives to plastic packaging. With a focus on the evolution of the packaging industry, HeapsGood takes an honest view of their packaging solutions needing to evolve and constantly improve.


I'm your new office champ. Using 89% less plastic than a traditional pen, I'm pretty much the pen Ernest Hemingway wished he owned. Indeed, even the most illiterate of us will soon be writing epic novels as though possessed by the great man himself. Or at worst seriously legible post-it notes! I'll glide over your paper like a cloud with my silky smooth non-toxic water-based ink. I'm made from rolled recycled FSC certified kraft paper, so you can feel good knowing no trees were harmed in my creation. And the best part is once you're done, simply recycle or compost me. By switching to Ecopens we can reduce the 140 million plastic pens that are sold annually in Oz, comprising approximately 700 tonnes of plastic waste sent straight to landfill across Australia. Get around them!

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