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Focused on the core eCommerce requirement for mailers, tape and labels, HeapsGood provides a range of compostable alternatives to plastic packaging. With a focus on the evolution of the packaging industry, HeapsGood takes an honest view of their packaging solutions needing to evolve and constantly improve.

Ecotape bio-based sticky tape

Introducing the world's first bio-based sticky tape. Using natural rubber adhesive and made from PLA, it's time to say goodbye to plastic cellotape forever. Ecotape is certified to break down in a commercial compost facility within 60 days. For home composting it can take a little longer, but Ecotape will decompose with zero toxicity so worms and microorganisms can get in on the action. And unlike plastic, it's made from renewable materials, making it the best eco-friendly solution available on the market. Oh, and here's one more nifty feature: Ecotape is hand tearable, unlike standard plastic-based sticky tape, while still behaving exactly the same way with a tape gun or dispenser. That means you can reserve your teeth for more conventional activities, such as eating an apple or affectionately biting a lover.

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