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Electric Confetti

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We have created countless custom neons for events, retail stores, hospitality and of course, for generally-funky humans to hang in their homes. You can also see our latest design adventure, Shimmer Walls which can be customised down to the last pixel.

Electric beams neon light

Together, forever in Electric Beams World’s biggest glo-sticks? Starr Warz (not at all affiliated or in any way licensed) light saber chic? Whatever they remind you of, these highly cost effective Electric Confetti originals add instant futuristic kudos to any decor. Super portable and emitting no heat, Electric Beams are available in a myriad of colours. Better still, Electric Beams are low voltage (12v), ready to plug in and go, and available in 5 lengths. The base, if you need one, is an additional $9.99. Build your own Electric Beams for the beams of your dreams! Electric Beams makes an ideal night light for little ones or mood light for grown-ups.

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