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About the company

We help farm owners and managers to better control their farm and run an accurate, more efficient and profitable business while protecting the environment.

Digital Agriculture is about leveraging the capabilities

of advanced technologies such as control systems,

sensors, robotics, GPS, drones, etc.

It helps farmers automate some of their processes,

gather all the information needed to make the right

decisions and enables them to take immediate actions.

Farmbot Monitor

The Farmbot monitor has two connectivity options that unlock endless opportunities enabling farmers to be connected no matter their location within Australia. Farmbot offers Duplex Satellite or Cellular (3G / 4G) monitors.

The Duplex Satellite monitor works anywhere in Australia and enables two-way communication between farm infrastructure and a mobile or computer via Inmarsat satellite connectivity. The Duplex Satellite has the capabilities to connect to Farmbot’s range of wired and wireless sensors. Plus enables farmers to take an image via the Farmbot Camera, and in the future, close a gate or turn on a pump, all without having to change locations, saving time and money.

The Cellular monitor works on Telstra’s mobile network enabling farmers to be connected if they have one or more bars of mobile coverage at the desired site. The cellular monitor connects to Farmbot’s range of wired and wireless sensors.

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