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Two years of research and testing went into developing the perfect slice of mycelium bacon, what we call the Forager's Secret. When it comes to bacon, flavour is key, and MyEats brings it home with a perfect balance of savory umami and crispy texture. Even better, they contain all 9 essential amino acids, for a complete source of protein that, by the way, also happens to be allergen-free.

The demand is evident: Launched in November of 2020, MyBacon has quickly sold out of every production run. With cleaner ingredient labels and full flavor and nutritional profiles, without the environmental or ethical implications, we're excited to witness the positive impact our MyEats will have on the food industry.


We process the fine, Bio-Suisse-Knospe ingredients in the commercial kitchen of the zero-waste shop-café Zollfrei in Züri.

The Hazelburger is purely plant -based and gluten-free.

Hazelburger is a minimally processed, nutrient dense, plant-based protein source based on our core belief "as on the inside, so out . " Year after year, in their diversity and quality, Hazelburger ingredients reflect the ecosystems in which they grew and are intended to strengthen the inner biome of our bodies and the outer biome of our ecosystems.

"The evidence for the health of nuts is extreme, whether you look at dozens of controlled dietary studies or long-term studies of what nut consumption does to lipids and other parameters. Nuts are a particularly good substitute for meat, as well as carbohydrates. They're a good thing that should be part of every diet."

- Walter Willet, Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition, Harvard, co-author of the EAT-Lancet Commission on Healthy Eating from Sustainable Food Systems

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