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Sun Medical Supplies

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Sun Medical Supplies is your local, Full service, Durable Medical Equipment provider based in Redlands, CA since 2003. We carry a full line of patient equipment & supplies along with professional healthcare products. We supply equipment through a combination of retail sales, insurance order fulfillment, equipment rentals, service, and repairs. Our online selection is comprised of common healthcare items and continually growing. We encourage our online and local customers to contact our sales team for further clarification or assistance with finding items that are not yet available through our website.

We treat our customers like family and have been a trusted source for medical supplies and equipment throughout the Inland Empire. Our team is commitment to providing you with excellent customer service and high quality products. Our trained staff will help you make the best choices for your needs, while providing you with friendly service and expert advice. Every effort is made to ensure that your experience is as pleasant and efficient as possible. Stop by and see us,our business is your good health..

Medical Appliances for Office and Home

Here at Sun Medical Supplies, we take pride in being your local, full-service durable medical equipment provider. In addition to patient equipment and supplies, we carry professional healthcare products to equip clinics and doctor’s offices. One important category of product we carry is medical appliances, such as lamps and freezers.

Lamps are critical tools for the visual aspect of a successful examination, and they are also made with other purposes besides illumination, such as infrared lamps, ultraviolet lamps, and therapeutic lights that replicate daylight, to treat SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

Freezers are necessary to store certain medications and vaccines at stable temperatures. These are commonly used in clinics, pharmacies, and private homes. While some people may try to save money by relying on a home-grade freezer or refrigerator to store medications, medical-grade machines are much more reliable and maintain a far more stable temperature. The CDC strongly urges clinics to upgrade from household units to medical-grade units.

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