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Feel Good Bananas

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We source hyper local farm ripened organic bananas from the most beautiful banana farm in the world, where the rainforest meets the reef in Mission Beach, Australia. At our solar powered production facility (Coming Soon) we flash freeze them to seal in organoleptic goodness, then dip them in some of the most delicious organic, fair trade chocolate in the world. We use the very latest in eco-friendly packaging technology, state of the art Futamura Natureflex which is 100% biodegradable. This opportunity to source hyper-local organically farmed produce combined with a commitment to renewable energy, and biodegradable packaging means that our company’s environmental footprint will be among the lowest in the world. Now that is something we can feel good about! Contact us to be a reseller in Sydney or Queensland

Organic frozen bananas with raw organic chocolate

Each Feel Good Banana is an individual whole fruit organic banana which is flash frozen to create a delicious natural ice-cream like texture. It is smothered in some of the purest single origin raw organic chocolate in the world resulting in a single serve frozen stick-line desert that is quite simply beyond compare. Feel Good Bananas challenge the way we think about ice cream by giving people a healthy choice that tastes great, makes you feel awesome and is good for the planet. Frozen Organic Choc-Top Bananas!

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