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Period One

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While the period is such a present and natural process, far too little is talked about it.

This taboo also means that there is hardly any innovation to be found in the market for cycle products.

We manufacture all products by hand in a small factory in Zurich. Non-industrial production takes a lot of time and love. The customer feels and sees this affection when she uses PERIOD. holds in his hands. The products are fresh and contain no synthetic preservatives.

100% natural. 100% organic. 100% vegan.

We only use the highest quality herbal ingredients in organic quality from local producers.

Pink pearls mouth drops for period symptoms relief

These mouth drops support you with their natural power not only during your period, but also every other day. So that you can be completely yourself. PERIOD.

Full-spectrum CBD promotes relaxation, serenity and inner calm, can have a relaxing effect and supports a restful sleep.

Lady's mantle has a relaxing effect on the body and mind.

Lemongrass and ginger have a mood-enhancing and refreshing effect.

Hemp oil is the best source of antioxidant fatty acids, which you need especially during your period.

Drop half to full pipette of PINK PEARLS under your tongue. Let the oil sit for a few minutes. Repeat the application if you do not feel the desired effect after approx. 15 minutes or if the good feeling subsides over time. Treat yourself to the PINK PEARLS several times a day, whenever you need refreshment. The PINK PEARLS work best in combination with the BLUE TEARS.

10 ml with 200 mg of CBD. This is an oral care cosmetic with CBD and <0.2% THC. Please consult your: n doctor: in if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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