Circuitwise Electronics

Bella Vista, NSW, AU

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Circuitwise Electronics

About the company

Circuitwise provides a printed circuit board (PCB) assembly service, that has the highest possible level of quality and reliability.

We operate the most advanced electronics manufacturing equipment available anywhere in the world, capable of handling the simplest to the most complex PCBs.

Our dedicated rapid prototyping area provides quick turn around and rapid feedback on the manufacturability of your design.

We can assemble the final product and complete all testing and inspection, prior to shipping.

Product Development Service

We bring innovation to life by working closely with trusted industrial and electronics designers partners. The product development process, shown below, highlights the key stages in the life cycle of new product design and manufacture. In addition to printed circuit board (PCB) assembly and turnkey product assembly, we provide engineering advice to our partners in the early stages, on the ability to manufacture PCB designs and easily assemble products.

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