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Sea Health Products

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Sea kelp (seaweed) contains more than 60 essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements and is increasingly being recognised as an important natural source of vital nutritional requirements. Recent attention on the diets of cultures with a history of health and longevity has also emphasised the role of sea kelp.

Soothing Honey Kelp Soap

Ever noticed how good you feel after a dip in the ocean?

Bursting with vitamins, minerals and essential trace elements, Kelp has so many wonderful properties - detoxifying, moisturising, nourishing and soothing.



Rice bran

Olive Oil

Pure local Honey

100% Australian Sea Kelp Granules and Golden Sea Kelp Powder

Natural Clays

Micas (Minerals)

Try our unscented moisturising and soothing Honey soap.

Approximately 120gm hand cut soap blocks.

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