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About the company

We help farm owners and managers to better control their farm and run an accurate, more efficient and profitable business while protecting the environment.

Digital Agriculture is about leveraging the capabilities

of advanced technologies such as control systems,

sensors, robotics, GPS, drones, etc.

It helps farmers automate some of their processes,

gather all the information needed to make the right

decisions and enables them to take immediate actions.

Water Level Sensor

Easy installation

Save time on fuel and labour costs

Detect leaks and faults in real-time

Satellite or Cellular connectivity

Built from corrosion resistant materials

Solar-powered device

Large battery capacity allows it to run without direct sunlight for over 1 week

The Farmbot Water Level Sensor provides remote water level monitoring and reporting of real-time issues, events and abnormalities of your water tanks. The Water Level Sensor is made of ceramic and titanium which offers extremely high corrosion resistance suitable for harsh water environments. It is a hydrostatic sensor which measures water level by sensing the pressure of the water above.

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