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Zurich, CH

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Granel Bulk Store

About the company

We are people with different backgrounds who pursue a common goal: to make access to a sustainable and plastic-free life as easy as possible for you, in order to protect resources and the environment together.

At Granel you will find a large selection of high-quality food , cosmetics and household items for your everyday life - unpacked or as reusable products.

Wholesale household and personal hygiene items in Zurich

Granel pampers you with a wide range of hygiene and care products such as soaps , shampoos , deodorants , body lotions and toothpaste . You will also find important care utensils such as toothbrushes , shaving items , sanitary towels , menstrual cups or reusable ear sticks.

We also have available compostable washing-up brushes , sponges , sponge cloths and more complement your cleaning cabinet.

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