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Adimac Vending Machines

Thiene, Italy


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Adimac Vending Machines

About the company

Adiamac is a vending machiny manufacture in Italy with more than 25 years of experience customization production.

Our products range includes hot drinks vending machines, snack, sandwiches, soft drinks, cans, spiral automatic vending machines.

That isn’t the half of it! In addition to manufacturing, selling and installing, Adimac is your point of reference giving technical support for its vending machines, and can also be your perfect supplier for custom vending machines designed according to your personal requirements. Thus, you can have your customized professional dispensing machine and sell your products 24/7, starting your own vending machines business: Adimac means not only food and drinks or combined vending machines, but it is also a manufacturer for your special needs (vending machines for cigarettes and tobacco, food and pasta, sandwiches, pizza, newspapers, essential supplies and others).

AD500 T Coffee Vending Machine made in Italy  image 0
AD500 T Coffee Vending Machine made in Italy  image 0

AD500 T Coffee Vending Machine made in Italy

With AD 500T you can choose how to enjoy your coffee break with the espresso and soluble modes. The essential line, enriched by the 21” screen, gives the new machine an unmistakable design suitable for any environment.

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