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Accurpress Australia

Vancouver, Canada


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Accurpress Australia

About the company

Accurpress North America was founded by Ted Hilton in 1973 and is the number one selling brand of press brakes in North America, with over 20,000 machines sold nationwide. Accurpress International started manufacturing in China in 2004. They have currently supplied over 3500 machines to the Asian market

and are now the preferred brand in China. Accurpress Australia was formed by Tim Hilton, Michael Stratos and Mike Dye. Mike Dye, Fabrication Equipment Supplies (FES), has been the exclusive agent for DAVI products since 2002, and is the leader in servicing the Australian plate and section rolling industry. This partnership gives Accurpress Australia the ability to deliver world class machinery with world class service.

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Advantage Rocker Arm press brake

The Advantage Rocker Arm press brake has stood the test of time with thousands of machines shipped all over North America in a variation of tonnages from low to high and special customizations to maximize and facilitate forming jobs in sheet metal and heavy plate applications.

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