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Lactamo’s Founder, Etta, is the mum of 4 young children and has first-hand practical and emotional experience of the challenges that many breastfeeding mums face. During her own breastfeeding journey Etta was disappointed with the lack of solutions to help with common breastfeeding problems. “Babies and mothers worldwide are being failed by a lack of investment in breastfeeding.” - World Health Organisation 2017 Drawing on her 15 years of experience as a corporate professional, Etta put together a team of experts and founded Lactamo with a goal to give new mums the best success in breastfeeding, together with the best experience.

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Aid breastfeeding device by Lactamo

Lactamo harnesses the power of breast massage. Breast massage and temperature may be helpful in providing relief for the most common breastfeeding challenges (in particular blocked milk ducts, engorgement, the let-down reflex, and undersupply), and also may assist with aspects of oversupply. Our specially designed ball has been made specifically for the needs of lactating breasts, and uses three key components to work its magic: Temperature, movement, compression. may have the ability to: - help clear blocked ducts - help relieve swelling and pain - help fight off infection - stimulate milk production and flow and aid the let-down reflex Lactamo is included in the ARTG (#371782) as a Class I medical device. Lactamo has international patent protection (AU 2019 313159, CN 2019 80056109.8, EP 19843406.0, IN 2021147005095, US 17/264,374), and Trademark protection (AU 2162963 and 2162963).

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