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About the company

The Mombati Company is a fine fragrance house in Australia supplying brands with only the finest perfumes for their product.

That is not all we do.

Our team also lends their perfumer expertise and industry insights to your product development and marketing, to give it the best chance of success. We invest our time and money to help you grow.

Ambre Romantique Fragrance Oil 5311 image 0
Ambre Romantique Fragrance Oil 5311 image 0

Ambre Romantique Fragrance Oil 5311

Fine Fragrance Oil Blend

Top Note: Fresh Aldehydes, Bergamot Infusion

Middle Note: Amber Accord, Black Orchid

Base Note: Birch Tar, Frankincense & Myrrh, Patchouli, Vanilla, Cedarwood, Musk

- All our fragrances comply with RIFM and IFRA standards.

- None of our fragrances or raw materials are tested on or derived from animals.

Our perfumers work endlessly to realise our fragrance vision through our Oudh blends. All our fragrance compositions are created fresh here in Australia to touch your senses and stimulate your emotions.

We develop unforgettable scents which create endearing moments for your customers. Our commitment to excellence alone is a guarantee of quality, consistency and craftsmanship.

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