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About the company

It all started with an idea – we worked out a globally unique method of making perfectly shaped butter portions (what we now call butter medallions) using Grass fed, Premium New Zealand butter which, in our opinion, is the best butter in the world.

All along the way we have continued to have an unrelenting focus on our customers and their needs- we understand that our customers are at the heart of our business and that is why pride ourselves in being customer intimate. This is a value that is instilled in our people from day one and resonates through each and every product that leaves out site.

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Butter Medallions & Rosettes

Canary Butter Medallions and Rosettes stand above the rest as the best butter portion around. We carefully craft each one using custom built, proprietary technology to get the best quality product out there.

Our medallions and rosettes are suited to a large range of applications including airlines, hotels, catering and other commercial food operations. They are packed with minimal packaging which minimises their environmental impact and can be used straight from the fridge or freezer.

We also offer the ability to tailor to our customer’s specific needs. We can emboss our medallions with specific logos or images to add that extra bit of flair and difference that will make the butter dining experience memorable.

Canary Butter Medallions are available in 8gm, 10gm or 20gm portions and come in a range of pack sizes.

For further details please refer to the relevant specification sheet below:

Unsalted Medallion 10g

Unsalted Medallion 20g

Unsalted Rosette 10g

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