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About the company

It all started with an idea – we worked out a globally unique method of making perfectly shaped butter portions (what we now call butter medallions) using Grass fed, Premium New Zealand butter which, in our opinion, is the best butter in the world.

All along the way we have continued to have an unrelenting focus on our customers and their needs- we understand that our customers are at the heart of our business and that is why pride ourselves in being customer intimate. This is a value that is instilled in our people from day one and resonates through each and every product that leaves out site.

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Cheese Portions

Canary Cheese Portions bring the great flavours of New Zealand cheese to the masses in handy, bite sized packets. They are perfect as an accompaniment to an airline meal, conference snack, packed lunch (for both kids and grownups!) or even as a sneaky fridge snack.

Each portion is individually wrapped and sealed in an easy-to-open packet for absolute freshness and flavour.

The possibilities are many.

For further details please refer to the relevant specification sheet below:

Cheese Portions 20g

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