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3D Metalforge Australia

Perth, Australia


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3D Metalforge Australia

About the company

3D Metalforge is a global leader in the provision of 'end to end' additive manufacturing services including: Parts inventory auditing/diagnostics-to identify parts which are technically & commercially viable for printing, digitalisation to Digital parts library, design/re-design, parts manufacturing using a broad range of printing technologies to ensure optimisation of performance, quality and cost. 3D Metalforge also provides "on demand-Zero Mile" parts supply by designing, supplying and operating dedicated additive manufacturing parts production at the client site.

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Custom 3D metal parts

The samples shown here are just a few of the hundreds of parts that have been additively manufactured to Improve part performance, reduce manufacturing cost and time, strengthen supply chains, and impact company sustainability.

Capabilities include:

Enhanced Design

Just-in-time production

Producing in a range of sizes

Reducing production time

Greening operations

Clients can choose from our extensive range of materials and powders supporting a wide range of commercial applications and industrial uses for both metal and polymer printing.

Advanced materials are thoroughly certified with rigorous quality control measures to ensure outstanding printability and performance.

Stainless Steel 316L

Stainless Steel 17-4PH

Stainless 420

High Strength Steel Alloys

Stellite 21/CoCrMo

Maraging Steel M300


Super Duplex

Inconel 625

Inconel 718

Hastelloy UNS NO6210



Carbon Fiber Reenforced Nylon







Ti6A14V Alloy Powder

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