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United Resin

Royal Oak, MI, United States


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United Resin

About the company

For over fifty years UNITED RESIN CORPORATION has specialized in formulating epoxy systems to meet the needs of the aerospace, electronics, automotive, marine and construction industries. Currently, United Resin has over 3,000 product combinations to meet the commercial and specialized needs of our customers.

United Resin's materials include potting and encapsulating systems, adhesive systems, tooling systems, structural systems and specialty electronic systems. We specialize in thermally conductive, structural systems, one-component

and UL approved systems. Special systems include Optik-Bond, COB and SMT materials. We offer over 3,000 material combinations many of which are UL, FDA and Mil-Spec approved and ROHS and REACH compliant and Halogen Free. Private labeling of material is available in a variety of sizes.

Electronic Assembly Epoxy Resins image 0
Electronic Assembly Epoxy Resins image 0

Electronic Assembly Epoxy Resins

United Resin Corporation has an extensive selection of epoxy resins for the electronics industry, a number of which are UL approved, meeting potting and encapsulating requirements in a variety of conditions. For example, URC's products are used for potting and encapsulating coils, transformers, circuit boards, magnetic components, marine sonar and noise interference filters and surge protectors. Special systems include Optik-bond, COB and SMT materials used for applications on circuit boards, fiber optics, light emitting diodes and other adhesive applications. Our numerous systems are RoHS and REACH Compliant.

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