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Focused on the core eCommerce requirement for mailers, tape and labels, HeapsGood provides a range of compostable alternatives to plastic packaging. With a focus on the evolution of the packaging industry, HeapsGood takes an honest view of their packaging solutions needing to evolve and constantly improve.

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Hex wrap

Have you been looking for a bubble wrap alternative? Well we've got you sorted. HeapsGood Hex Wrap is a sustainable way to pack delicate goods for shipment. When you’re packing, simply drag the length you need, roll up your goods, then tear it in one seamless motion. The expandable combs interlock seamlessly without any tape required and cushion the contents for safe dispatch. This is easily the most sustainable alternative to bubble wrap we've found. It's not only fully compostable but recyclable too. That means your customers can dispose of it whichever way they want – making for a pretty darn good (and eco-friendly) unboxing experience if you ask us.

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