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Period One

Zurich, Switzerland


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Period One

About the company

While the period is such a present and natural process, far too little is talked about it.

This taboo also means that there is hardly any innovation to be found in the market for cycle products.

We manufacture all products by hand in a small factory in Zurich. Non-industrial production takes a lot of time and love. The customer feels and sees this affection when she uses PERIOD. holds in his hands. The products are fresh and contain no synthetic preservatives.

100% natural. 100% organic. 100% vegan.

We only use the highest quality herbal ingredients in organic quality from local producers.

Sustainable Soft Tampons image 0
Sustainable Soft Tampons image 0

Sustainable Soft Tampons

These are the world's first sustainable soft tampons.

Ultra soft. Pure nature. PERIOD.

Why you will love them?

100% natural and vegan

Also for sex, sport and bathing

No feeling of dryness

Less abdominal cramps



6 pieces, reusable up to 3 times

One size fits all, medium absorbency

They are made from the tuber of an Asian plant called devil's tongue and consist exclusively of plant meal and water.

Our unique network structure can bind 50 times its own mass in liquid.

Ingredients in the devil's tongue can promote the growth of probiotic microorganisms in the vagina while inhibiting unwanted bacteria and fungi.

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