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Tindo Solar Australia

Adelaide, Australia


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Tindo Solar Australia

About the company

Tindo designs and manufactures technologically advanced solar panels in Australia, for Australia and the world. Tindo Solar is a wholly Australian owned and operated company founded in 2011 focused on increasing manufacturing output and creating Australian jobs in the advanced manufacturing sector. At Tindo we have set out to make the highest quality solar panels at competitive prices. Tindo panels are made for life. Buy Tindo Solar panels now!

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Tindo Karra high performance Solar Panel image 0

Tindo Karra high performance Solar Panel

Our new Tindo Karra-330W PERC monocrystalline allows Tindo to fit more power into less space for a competitive price. Perfect for both commercial and residential use. The technology used increases long term reliability, energy conversion efficiency, and increased annual yield.

Tindo operates a state of the art 60MW capacity production line in Adelaide, South Australia. Our line is fully automated with a focus on quality control and sophisticated engineering with all the materials used undergoing thorough testing. Materials are tested mechanically, electrically, thermally and visually.

Technical specifications:

Produced utilising 5 Busbar technology

New G1 Square Cells

G1 cells are 100% square, unlike traditional solar cells, the larger G1 cell produces more power for the same size module.

That means a more price competitive, reliable, and better-looking module than other multi-wire modules.

40mm Frame Black Anodized Aluminium

MC4-EVO 2 Staubli Connectors

We have also updated our traditional MC4 connectors on the Karra 330H module to MC4 EVO 2 Staubli connectors increasing the panels rating to 1500V.

Suited for all climatic environments thanks to resistance to UV, ammonia, salt mist spray and high IP class (IP68).

POE (PolyOlefin Encapsulant) – Exclusive to the Tindo Karra Premium modules

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