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Finding the right people can be hard

Whether you’re a buyer or a supplier, finding the right people can be hard.

Suppliers usually spend a lot of effort and resources creating professional websites, optimising search results, and attending trade shows to create a presence for their business. Whereas buyers will need to perform extensive research either online or at trade shows before reaching out to find trustworthy suppliers.

Why not simplify the process and do it all in one place?

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ewokii is a marketplace with the mission of making the discovery process between buyers and suppliers shorter and simpler, anywhere in the world.

We are creating meaningful connections to allow businesses or entrepreneurs to find partners anywhere.

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Our Story

We are an Australian start-up based in Sydney.

The name ‘ewokii’ was born from our admiration of the ‘Ewoks’, which are furry bipeds as seen on the popular film franchise ‘Star Wars’. To ensure that our company name stood out from that of our inspiration, we decided to add two ‘i’s’ to make our name ‘Ewokii’. These two ‘i’s’ represent two people shaking hands. The handshake could be the start of a new connection or the act of sealing a deal. Interactions that our platform aims to facilitate.

Whether you are looking to develop your business idea, scale your business, innovate in your local industry, or seeking product samples, we’ve got you covered with our global supplier directory.

Are you a supplier, manufacturer, or innovator?

Our concierge service will help you to create a stunning profile to showcase your company and products.

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