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Sea Health Products

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Sea kelp (seaweed) contains more than 60 essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements and is increasingly being recognised as an important natural source of vital nutritional requirements. Recent attention on the diets of cultures with a history of health and longevity has also emphasised the role of sea kelp.

Golden Kelp Granules

Golden Kelp Granules (Meal) is produced from sea kelp (seaweed) hand-harvested under licence and naturally processed from kelp grown in the pristine waters off the far South Coast of NSW.

It contains no additives or preservatives, only 100% pure Australian sea kelp.

It is also available as a more finely ground Golden Kelp Powder.

Golden Kelp Granules have been milled to a coarse texture very much like coarse pepper in appearance and it is suited to adding to cooking, sprinkling on salads and vegetables and generally using as a salt substitute.

Golden Kelp Granules contain all of the nutritional benefits of Sea Kelp and is also known as Ecklonia radiata.

It is also more than a health supplement, it is a natural flavour enhancer and makes a unique and versatile seasoning.

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